Warning Signs

Warning signs or caution signs show messages to warn people of safety hazards in the workplace. The WHS signs are manufactured to Australian standards and state standards and meet relevant industry codes such as the National Construction Code. Our range of warning signs and danger signs will clearly communicate your messages around the workplace, assist in meeting health and safety protocols, and help keep staff and visitors safe.

The workplace safety signage usually has black and yellow warning text with an exclamation mark, and black text on a yellow background with a black picture of the hazard symbol.

Some examples of safety signs include:
· Electrical and biological signs
· Excavation and mining signs
· Machinery and vehicle signs
· Primary industry signs
· Radiation, x-ray and laser signs
· Toxic and chemical signs
· Tree and forestry signs
· Workplace and business signs
· Worksite signs
· Health and safety signs
· Hazard signs
· Other safety warning signs

We have a range of standard sizes:
· 225mm x 150mm
· 300mm x 225mm
· 450mm x 300mm
· 600mm x 450mm
· 900mm x 600mm

We can also produce custom sizes. Just speak with our friendly team about your requirements.

You can also choose your material to suit the area where the signs will be displayed. Choose from steel, aluminium, corflute, polypropylene or vinyl sticker. Then choose your reflective material: luminous material, Class 1 Reflective or Class 2 Reflective.

All of our signs are made in Ausrtalian and we offer Australia wide delivery in as little as 24 hours. Order online or give us a call to chat about what you need.