Restriction Signs

Restriction signs or permitted signs show messages to communicate messages about permitted and non-permitted activities or actions. They place a defined limit on use of a facility or activity. This includes speed restrictions and permitted activities. The restriction signs are manufactured to Australian standards and state standards and meet relevant industry codes such as the National Construction Code.

Our range of signs will clearly communicate your messages around the workplace or chosen area, inform road users about speed limits and shared zones, assist in meeting health and safety protocols, and help keep staff and visitors safe.

The safety signs usually have black text on a white background with a black picture of the permitted activity or action, enclosed by a red circle.
Some examples of restriction signs include:
· Shared zone signs
· Speed limit signs
· Maximum speed signs
· School zone signs
· Other road signs
· Restricted area signs
· Swimming permitted
· Fishing permitted
· Speed limits for certain vehicles such as forklifts and heavy vehicles

We have a range of standard sizes:
· 300mm x 225mm
· 450mm x 300mm
· 600mm x 450mm
· 900mm x 600mm

We can also produce custom sizes. Just speak with our friendly team about your requirements.

You can also choose your material to suit the area where the signs will be displayed. Choose from steel, aluminium, corflute, polypropylene or vinyl sticker. Then choose your reflective material: luminous material, Class 1 Reflective or Class 2 Reflective. You can also opt to include a protective overlaminate to protect against vandalism and ageing.

All of our signs are made in Australia and we offer Australia wide delivery in as little as 24 hours. Order online or give us a call to chat about what you need.